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The International Real Estate Directory guides you through the global property market with the confidence of experience. Not only do the estate agents who list with us have proven expertise in the field of international property marketing, but we are also a part of the International Real Estate Alliance (IREA-AII).

The IREA-AII is an international multiple listings network with 1122 real estate portals worldwide and a total of 250 000 visitors daily. Any and all properties listed on our site are also instantly listed on all 1122 portals. This is a huge advantage for all who wish to advertise their homes for sale or rent to a global market.

Our Platinum service allows a real estate agent to list their entire portfolio of homes for a year, for a one-off fee. Each listing has photos and a detailed description, and can be updated whenever required.

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List properties on 1122 international portals

List properties on 1122 international portals

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Real estate agents are the people who facilitate the process of selling and purchasing properties. Their job is to mediate between potential buyers and sellers when a property has to be sold or bought. They may also work in the rental fields. They help one in getting the desired home and may also help landlords in maintaining their properties.

There are a few things that have to be considered when dealing with real estate agents when buying your ideal property.

Commissions and the working culture- The real estate agents charge a minimal commission for their services. Norms and rules have been established for the commissions and no real estate agent can charge more than the fixed amount. When any property is sold, the real estate agents charge a commission as a percentage of the sale amount from the seller. If the deal involves rentals, a small commission is charged by the real estate agents from both sides.

The working culture of real estate agents is not easy. They work very hard to find potential customers and also need to be thoroughly informed about the property that they deal in. They also arrange for visits if anyone wants to see the property. They are experts in their field and have knowledge about the market prices of the properties in a particular area. They also act as good advisors.

Real estate agents are the most advantageous for novice buyers. A new buyer in the field will be lacking the knowledge about the business, the process that is involved in the dealings including documentation and approval. In this case hiring a real estate agent to get ideal property is the most beneficial as a real estate agent will use all his experience and expertise to look for the best property that suits the buyer’s needs.

A real estate agent can help a seller gain more money as they can find a buyer who pays the best price for the property. Real estate agents help the buyers in getting the best deals as they buy their ideal property within their budget.

Real estate agents usually work for the benefits of both parties. They are good in negotiations skills and can help both buyers and sellers in getting great deals. Real estate agents gain benefits in two ways. The first is that they get a commission from the seller and the other is that they gain a goodwill and reputation from the buyer. is part of the Real Estate Portals of that form the IREA-AII International-Real-Estate-Alliance -
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